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      No more body hair!

      Would you like to get rid of your unsightly body hair definitely? Use our permanent laser body hair removal.

      Accessible, effective... and permanent!

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      Esthetic ExcelleMD chose to use permanent laser removal for its specific and secure technique that involves fewer risks of burns.

      Your satisfaction as well as your security is a priority for aesthetic ExcelleMD. This is why we offer permanent laser body hair removal for men and women with a comfortable, efficient and secure device.  Our permanent hair removal device uses Skintel®™ patented technology. This technology uses a melanin reader who can adjust the laser parameters depending on your skin color to maximize your security and treatment results.

      Permanent Laser Body Hair Removal Procedure

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      Before the treatment

      It is important to freshly shave the concerned areas before your permanent body hair removal treatment. The aesthetician will disinfect your skin and will make sure that it is ready to receive the treatment by making sure there is not traces of contraindications. She will then evaluate your melanin rate with the Skintel®™ patented melanin reader. This will allow the laser to be adjusted depending on your skin colour. The aesthetician will mark the needed areas and apply a gel to make the handpiece movements easier on the skin, and to ensure your comfort during the treatment .

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      During the treatment

      Pulsed light, on the other hand, is broad-spectrum, diffused light that emits multiple wavelengths. This is why the operator places filters on the device, which are designed to sort out the waves emitted. Although the spectrum of pulsed light is wider, it does not effectively treat darker skin tones.

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      A few weeks after the treatment

      It’s normal to feel a light discomfort in the treated areas after your treatment. The aesthetician will take time to explain the rules you will have to respect to make sure you can restart your usual activities to minimize the risk for your skin. You will notice a reduction of the density and texture of your body hair in the weeks following your treatment.

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      Final results

      Permanently soft, hairless skin.

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      Laser Hair Removal Responsive
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      Consultation and evaluation

      The professional will examine your skin and body hair at every angle to target the specific areas you want us to treat. Please note that we won’t take any decisions without your consent.


      Targeting areas

      The professional will explain the procedure to follow concerning each part of your body where you wish to be treated.

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      The treatment can begin once the laser settings are adjusted and the protection glasses are on. With the help of the pencil marks, the aesthetician will treat an area with the handpiece and will cool it off to minimize the discomfort before starting with a new zone. She will clean the area once it has been treated and will apply a refreshing aloes gel.


      Post-treatment follow-up

      Following your laser hair removal treatment, the professional will give you personalized advice and offer you an appointment for your next treatment in 6 to 8 weeks.

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      Targeting areas
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      FOLLOW-UP after the treatment

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