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      Our treatments will cause a small discomfort, but no time off will be necessary. Sessions are fast with excellent results.

      An irregular skin color is a common aesthetic problem that we can observe while aging, especially if your skin was exposed to sun without proper protection

      Find your youthful glow back!

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      Your skin can present sun spots, freckles or aging over the years.

      You can also see unwanted vessels or rosacea appear on your nose, chin, or cheeks. They are frequent preoccupation that can be eliminated or reduce easily with our IPL Pulsed Light Photorajuvenation technology.

      How Photorajuvenation (IPL) works

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      Before your treatment

      You and the aesthetician will discuss about your objectives and will decide on a personalized treatment plan based on your skin needs.

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      During the treatment

      During the procedure, you will feel a continuous cold sensation directly from the handpiece to help the treatment be more comfortable.

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      Weeks after the treatment

      The treatment can last a few minutes or more depending on the number of lesions and the size of the treated area. A next appointment will be fixed within 3 to 4 weeks following your appointment.

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      Final results

      In the end, you will notice a revitalized, uniform skin tone, and skin with a younger appearance.

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      Consultation and evaluation

      The aesthetician will make sure that your skin can receive the pulsed light treatment and that you respect all the necessary conditions. You will then proceed to the short photography session which will allow to evaluate the evolution of your results once your treatments are over.


      During the treatment

      Before the beginning of your treatment, the aesthetician will clean the skin to eliminate all traces of makeup or produce and will apply a gel on the treated area. She will also give you glasses to protect your eyes from light during the treatment. When the light impulsions will be delivered in your skin, it is possible for you to feel small pinches or heat. This sensation will disappear immediately, but the heat might stay for a few hours after the treatment.


      After the treatment

      The aesthetician will rinse your skin and apply a refreshing gel once the treatment is over. Your skin can show some redness or swelling once the treatment is over, but they will disappear within 2 or 3 days. Your aesthetician will give you aftercare recommendations to avoid any risks. You will be able to get back to your activities right after the session.

      CONSULTATION and evaluation
      DURING treatment
      AFTER treatment
      Results before and after Photorajuvenation treatment

      ExcelleMD results

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      Results after 1 treatment

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      Results after 1 treatment

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      Results after 1 treatments of treatments

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