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      Getting a younger skin without surgery is possible!

      Is your skin starting to show aging signs like firmness loss or wrinkles? We have the solution for you! Aesthetic ExcelleMD is proud to offer you a brand new radiofrequency technology which is, at the time, the most specific and powerful on the market.

      For a dream skin!

      TempSure Radiofréquence Radiofrequency machine

      This treatment is for everyone and for every moment of the year. The radiofrenquency is perfect for you if you wish to prevent or to slow down the process of skin’s aging without having invasive or painful procedures.

      Strengthening skin treatment is made with the help of a monopolar radiofrequency device that warms your skin’s deep tissue. This will generate collagen and elastin production. This deep skin  regeneration will bring tightening as well as fine lines, and wrinkles diminution. This advanced technology offers a secure non-invasive treatment without any pain.

      How Radio Frequency Skin Tightening works

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      Before your treatment

      The aesthetician will validate your health checkup and your expectations during the first appointment to make sure the treatment is right for you. She will then explain the procedure and will take photographs of the concerned area.

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      Radio Frequency Technology

      This technology is using a controlled heat between 39 and 44 degrees Celsius to treat your skin. Sessions usually last 30 minutes to an hour depending on the treated area.

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      After the treatment

      Since your treatment does not require any time off or does not have any side effects, you can get back to your usual activities.

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      Final Result

      It is recommended to do 4 to 8 treatments to obtain better results. The number of treatments may vary depending on the problem to treat, the conditions and the skin age.

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      Consultation and evaluation

      During your evaluation we will take the time to discuss your objective and to examine every angle of your skin. We will then concentrate on the specific areas you would like to tone.


      Targeting Areas

      The aesthetician will first apply an aqueous gel on the whole treated area. During the treatment, you will feel a small heat that will intensify over time but will stay comfortable. It will take a few seconds to reach the desired temperature.


      After the treatment

      After your radio frequency skin tightening session, your skin can show small redness which will rapidly reduce.The aesthetician will give you recommendations to follow regarding the optimization of your treatment results.

      CONSULTATION and evaluation
      TARGETING areas
      AFTER treatment
      Results before and after Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

      ExcelleMD results

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      Results after the treatment

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